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Death of Society: Food Writer, Others Clash Over Giant BLT

North Bay: Last weekend at the Windsor Farmers Market, a 146-foot BLT was constructed with the hope of being recognized as the biggest BLT ever. Now, one Michele Anna Jordan, a local award-winning food writer who has written for the Press Democrat (and elsewhere) is pissed at the two creators of the giant sub: teacher Marie Ganister and farmers market director Glenda Castelli. We're just going to say it: this is so amazingly silly it belongs in The Onion. Read the whole article to fully grasp the situation, but here are our three favorite excepts:

1) "Jordan contends Ganister and Castelli took her knowledge of giant BLTs and cut her out of Sunday's world-record attempt.'They looked me right in the face and lied to me,' Jordan said."

2) "Ganister said a parting of the ways occurred in August because Jordan disagreed with plans regarding the bacon and bread. Still, Ganister said, she and the others involved in building the BLT at Sunday's Farmers Market freely credited Jordan as the sandwich's inspiration."

3) "Jordan insists that before praising her, the adults behind Sunday's sandwich first gave her the boot from the quest for the World's Biggest BLT, which she considers her baby. 'Maybe I'm too sensitive, but I'm devastated,' she said."

Again, we're talking about a giant sandwich. And it was for charity, we might add.
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[Photo: Christopher Chung/Press Dem]