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Fall Tracking: Perry's on the Embarcadero

With so many new restaurants readying for fall debuts, we're here to keep you updated on the latest on each project, and when you should start thinking about that resy.

Initial Projection: June
Current Projection: Mid-October

On the mini-restaurant row of Steuart Street, the transformation of Faz into Perry's on the Embarcadero is in full swing, if a little behind schedule. According to sources at the Hotel Griffon, they're expecting the place to debut in about a month, though from the looks of things inside, we wouldn't be surprised if it took a wee bit longer. As for the restaurant itself, it looks like the bar will open out into the hotel lobby, notable because in that area, the bar angle is key (unless your name is Boulevard). Despite mediocre food, the likes of Ozumo, Mexico DF, Americano and Shanghai 1930 have all cashed in on the happy hour FiDi crowd, and unfortunately, that was where the shuttered Faz ultimately lost out. The good news is Perry's has always been a popular watering hole in its other locations, which would appear to bode well for the new offshoot.
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