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EaterWire: Bambino Does More Cheese, Harvest Analysis

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2008_08_barbambino.jpgTHE MISSION—The special weekend events continue at Bar Bambino, and on the afternoon of Sunday the 28th 21st, there will be a special $45 tasting that will showcase the wine and cheese of the Piemonte and Lombardia regions. [EaterWire]

NAPA—Region by region, the Register gives a quick rundown of the harvest, where the high temperatures brought on by the indian summer created a bit of a premature flurry: "Recent triple-digit temperatures quickly brought some varietals to sugary maturity and led to a rush to harvest, which would have been more of a problem if yields weren't so disappointing ... With the harvesting of whites mostly finished, growers are shifting their focus this week to early reds like merlot and some cabernet sauvignon." [NVR]

AMERICA—We already know what Chris Cosentino thinks of cloned meat, and now the FDA is saying that meat and milk from the offspring of cloned animals might already be in our food supply. No, that doesn't sound ideal at all. [Yahoo via Slashfood]

[Photo: Ann Larie Valentine]

Bar Bambino

2931 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103