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Bottle Shock Feuds, Cont.

2008_07_bottleshock-thumb.jpgA few weeks ago, a Napa Valley writer/resident bashed both Bottle Shock and its decision to film in rival Sonoma Valley. Now, the movie folks have responded and suffice to say, they're not pleased: "The decision to film 'Bottle Shock' in Sonoma — rather than Napa — County, [producer Brenda] Lhormer maintained, was 'economically driven' ... Lhormer also took exception to [writer John] Intardonato's surreptitious suggestion that not filming 'Bottle Shock' in Napa County was Sonoma County's way of getting even for being relegated to second banana in the wine industry ... 'We made some choices to show off the Napa Valley in the most beautiful way. People who watch the movie think it's in Napa, so Napa gets name recognition right away.'" [St Helena Star, previously]