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Curbed Rumblings: Hibernia Finally Sold, Castro Gets TJ?

It's Friday, and time to check in with the week's happenings at our sister site and your friendly neighborhood blog, Curbed SF.

1) When it comes to the old Ford dealership at Market and Dolores, one rumor (Whole Foods) has been officially debunked, but there's a new rumor: Trader Joe's.
2) The Hibernia Bank—aka the Tenderloin's biggest eyesore, in the building category, that is—was finally sold to a poor soul for $3.95 million, only a month after it was on the market for $9.9 mill.
3) FYI: there are hookers in the Sunset and eunuchs in Noe Valley.
4) Upon further consideration, Chris Daly realized that maybe it's not entirely fair to pass a law that makes it easier to evict smokers than prostitutes, drug users, or pimps.