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AcademyWire: Moss Room's Chef, Plus a Resy Update

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Golden Gate Park: Keeping up with our ongoing coverage of the Loretta Keller/Charles Phan restaurants going into the new Academy of Sciences, here are a few items of note to share regarding the more formal restaurant of the pair, The Moss Room:

1) The Keller-Phan name tandem will surely headline the restaurant, but since we haven't seen it announced elsewhere, we should mention that Justin Simoneaux, once of Coco500, is the executive chef.

2) The Moss Room has confirmed that they will officially begin accepting reservations for opening day (next Saturday, September 27th) and beyond beginning this Saturday, September 20th . Once open, the restaurant will be serving both lunch (11:30-2:30) and dinner (5:30-10). [See update below]

3) It goes directly against what the restaurant tells us, so we're not sure if it's a slip-up on someone's part or something, but The Moss Room's profile page on OpenTable is live, functioning and currently accepting—and confirming—reservations for the 27th and beyond. As in, you don't have to wait for Saturday to see that "40 ft. high living moss wall terminating in an aquarium containing indigenous Asian river fish." Again, we're not sure if the open resy line is a mistake or not, so take it with a grain of salt.
· The Moss Room [Official Site]
· The Moss Room [OpenTable]

UPDATE 5PM: Sure enough, the Moss Room called to cancel the reservation we booked online for the 27th. Official opening date, as of this afternoon: October 7th.