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EaterWire: TyFlo Signs on at Copia, Mistral to Depart

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NAPA—Following last month's revelatory reports that Copia was $14 million in debt and an overall mess, Julia's Kitchen will get a facelift ("incorporating photographs of Child, and pots and pans ... into the decor") and none other than Tyler Florence has been tabbed as the center's dean of culinary studies: "Part of Florence's job will be to produce online food and wine content, McGuire says, adding to the library of recipes and wine and food instructional videos on" Here's hoping can Dean Florence can use his Applebee's experience at Copia, because we'd rather not Deathwatch a museum. [Scoop]

FERRY BUILDING—The first generation of tenants continues to vacate the FB, as Lady Hopstress has it that Mistral Rotisserie is closing at the end of October: "'s due to a combination of things, but primarily because of a complicated situation with a business partner, and the way to get out of the partnership was to leave the Ferry Building." [TH]

CIVIC CENTER—Just in case you didn't get your fill: "That flower and vegetable garden at Civic Center ... gets a stay of execution. Since there has been a dubious 'outpouring of public support' for the garden since its installation in early July, Mayor Gavin Newsom plans on keeping that garden in front of city hall until root vegetable season." [SFist]

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