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EaterWire: Sprinkles Opens Tomorrow, More Divis Market

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PALO ALTO—According to FoodGal, the long-awaited Sprinkles Cupcakes location in the Stanford Shopping Center will finally open tomorrow. It is the first shop the SoCal phenomenon has opened north of Beverly Hills. Fortunately, there are already 18 Yelp reviews written in anticipation. [EaterWire]

WESTERN ADDITION—Farmers markets will always have a place in San Francisco, even on Divisadero. From SFist: "We blogged skeptically about [the Divisadero Market] back in July, but apparently it's been going gangbusters. So gangbusters, in fact, that they're going to extend it to December ...The market pops up at Diviz and Grove every Sunday from 10am to 2 pm; December 28 is their series finale" [SFist]

NATIONWIDE—Oh thank god, Krispy Kreme has a new plan with which to combat lagging sales: "Now the chain is hoping that going cold — with its new soft-serve ice cream — will be the catalyst it needs. The company has been trying to revive its sales for nearly three years ... industry watchers say Krispy Kreme Doughnuts' latest turnaround plan — which includes launching the new ice cream as well as opening smaller stores and expanding overseas — still may not be enough to help the chain climb out of its hole." [USA Today]

TENDERLOIN—Technically speaking, tonight marks the finale of George Morrone's successful stint of guest dinners at Fish & Farm. Of course, there have been plenty of heavy rumblings that the guest cheffage will be extended into October, but the restaurant is staying mum, insisting nothing is confirmed. FYI: there are still late (9pm and on) resy openings for tonight. [EaterWire]

OAKLAND—Despite its cult brunch following, we're hearing that there may be trouble chef shufflage brewing at Brown Sugar Kitchen, where they've lost their third baker in six months. We're fairly certain that's not a good ratio. UPDATE: BSK writes to assure everyone that there's no "shufflage" and two of the departed cooks were temporary consultants. [EaterWire]

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