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Plywood Special: Steakhouse Takes Frisson Space

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Spot some fresh plywood in your neighborhood? Operators are standing by.

Jackson Square: Well, well: the renaissance of once-shuttered Financial District restaurants continues. We've already had Quince/Myth, Zinnia and Wexler's all emerge in recent months (with the MacArthur Park space also getting close to a comeback), and now 244 Jackson Street—aka Frisson, once upon a time—can be added to the list. The new restaurant will reportedly be a steakhouse and after a quick turnaround, is hoping to be open in about two months. According to the folks there, it's going to be called Alex (though that might be a working title?), and the names on the liquor license—Stephen and Albert Chen—are from Circolo, which may give you another clue as to the future vibe.
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