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Plywood Special Edition: Bushi-tei's Bistro

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Japantown: Here we have our first peek at the Bushi-tei casual spinoff we told you about earlier. Though the most of the space is in the mall, it juts out right below the bridge, down the same block as the Kabuki Theater. It's much bigger than the cozy 40-seat Bushi-tei up the road, but natural light will be at a premium. Given that the formal nature is probably one of Bushi-tei's bigger selling points, we'll be interested in seeing how the fare adjusts to a more downscale menu without becoming pedestrian. After all, even sans Michelin star, Bushi is easily still a very above average restaurant (though we've heard reports of empty dining rooms lately; anyone?). Christmas is the estimate.
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1638 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115 415 440 4959