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Plywood Report: SoMa Sushi, Ramen Club and MORE!

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Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants and bars to grace our fair city. Notice something on your block? Let us know. Bonus points if you include photos.

1) China Basin: A tipster sends along word of a new project developing on the new building on the corner of Berry and Fourth Street, a block from the ballpark. A peek over the plastic reveals brickwork, display cases and what looks to be a sushi bar area. Along with the above decor, we're going to go ahead and declare it a sushi joint, and one that's getting close. Anyone have a name? UPDATE: Thanks to a commenter: it's a second location of Tsunami. [PLYWOOD]

2) Marina: Speaking of getting close, Ramen Club is looking like it should be ready to go any day now. New canopy signage is up and resembling its Scott Street neighbor Bin38. The interior has gotten a welcome facelift as well from the Kwanjai Thai days: less ultra-modern froyo, more Betelnut. [POST-PLYWOOD]

3) Russian Hill: Last week it was a bright orange, and as suspected, La Boulange de Polk is green this week. They've also set a new date for the switch next door; they're hoping to debut in the corner space on October 6th. [PLYWOOD]

4) Berkeley: A Berkeley correspondent snapped the above shot of the upcoming Beard Papa. He says the latest branch—on Telegraph Avenue, right off campus—is very near completion and they're already hiring. [POST-PLYWOOD]

5) The Mission: A laundromat/coffeeshop is going on the corner of Valencia and 15th, which kind of makes you wonder why more variations of the boring laundromat haven't been attempted. Brainwash is nice enough, but really, the possibilities are endless. [PLYWOOD]

6) Noe Valley: Finally, a Noe Valleyian sends along a glimpse of the facade at Brett Emerson's Contigo. Emerson's been quiet on the blog lately, which leads us to believe that things are progressing at what's hoped to be Noe Valley's newest neigborhood gem. Plus, he's got to be pleased with his Zagat mention. [PLYWOOD]