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Eater Inside: The Moss Room

As promised earlier in the week, welcome to the Moss Room, the fine dining restaurant housed within the depths of the new Academy of Sciences. Loretta Keller is heading the project, but Justin Simoneaux is the exec chef (see the menu). But let's talk about the space, designed by Olle Lundberg. The focal points are obviously the 40-foot living wall (which should be a challenge in itself to maintain) and the water tank from which it sprouts (we're told African jumping fish are going to be put in there). Once you descend the showy stairs, you enter the windowless room. In itself, the room is fairly understated and clean: a small bar, a glass-encased private area, and the tables make up its entirety. Much more reading in the Eater Archives, and at 7x7, Food & Wine, SF Station and The Times.