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EaterWire: Pizzeria Delfina Takeout, Plus Zagat Reactions

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PACIFIC HEIGHTS—Let it be known that California Street's week-old (and, as seen in the photo via linecook, still very shiny) Pizzeria Delfina has commenced its takeout service ... today. Please plan accordingly. [EaterWire]

CALIFORNIA—The Zagat reactions are trickling in after the 2009 guides were released last week, and based on what we've been hearing around the Bay, this Los Angeles restaurant sums it up rather nicely: "We're happy to be included, but still think Zagat doesn't make sense. Our questions have never been fully answered. There are so many great restaurants rated way below places that don't even have a chef." [~ELA~]

TOP CHEF UNIVERSE—Remember season three runner-up Casey Thompson? Well, even though she's currently making the Top Chef demo rounds across the country, she has revealed that she's going to be moving to San Francisco "to work with some wineries." [Access Atlanta]

[Photo: Flickr/linecook]


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