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EaterWire: Ritual at Cafe Du Nord, Bambuddha's Beerunch

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Have a tidbit for EaterWire? Go ahead and call the tipline. Operators are ready.

2008_08_cafedunord.jpgUPPER MARKET—A few more rumblings regarding the aforementioned upcoming cafe at Cafe Du Nord: apparently, they are working with Ritual Roasters on the space, which will include outdoor seating and quick take-away grub. Also on tap is an art viewing space for local musician-artists. [EaterWire]

CIVIC CENTER—For the life of us, we can't decide whether, as far as neologisms go, "starmers" and "staycation" are worse than Bambuddha Lounge's special event next Saturday called ... Beerunch. Tickets are $40, proceeds go to a rainforest charity, and it looks like you have your choice of seven beers to pair with brunch dishes. Still: "beerunch." [EaterWire]

GILROY—A biker gang lost its case to be able to sue the Gilroy Garlic Festival after they were denied entry due to their gang vests eight years ago: "The Gilroy Garlic Festival has the right to bar insignia-wearing bikers because it is not a government-sponsored event, even though it uses city police for security, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday." [Chron]

NOE VALLEY—This one's a PSA mostly for you chefs out there: next week, Incanto is hosting a special knife sharpening demo with "Knife Master" Chiharu Sugai. It will take place Tuesday, September 9 from 2:30 to 4pm. Space is limited, but no RSVP is necessary. [EaterWire]

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