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The Joie de Vivre Empire

2008_09_henrys.jpgBerkeley got its "first official gastropub" earlier this summer with the relaunch of Henry's, and with school back in session and regardless of what constitutes a gastropub, it looks like the rebranding might be another successful move in Joie de Vivre's quest to take over the Bay: "So forgive Henry's for having Miller High Life on tap, forgive Henry's for their novelty size ordering system ('I'll take 60 oz. of Guinness' might be something I never want to say out loud in public) ... Henry's is remodeled, pleasant, and a far better choice than the slop you can get further down Telegraph." Classier atmosphere, but still the Champagne on tap and 60 oz. Guinness available for the college kids; Chip Conley knows how to play this game. [WOT]