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The Shutter: O'Reilly's Holy Grail, 12 Galaxies, Zitouna

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It's already been a busy week for The Shutter, your source for all restaurant and bar closings around town. Submit your shutter sightings to the tipline at

1) Polk Gulch: After some sporadic closures throughout August and the abandonment of food service, the tank has finally and officially run empty for O'Reilly's Holy Grail. One source says that they simply weren't getting enough patronage to continue, which makes us think that Myles O'Reilly either a) really knew what he was doing by opening McTeague's next door and expected this, or b) really did not know that opening a new bar next to your old bar is a curious move. [EaterWire, previously]

2) The Mission: The curtain call for 12 Galaxies was this weekend past, and Mission Mission was there to listen to the swan song, which naturally included Mr. Frank Chu holding his sign on stage and in true vintage Mission form (or...something), "10 people on stage, tearing the guitars apart, shouting "12 GALAXIES!" in some kind of rhythm." [Mission Mission]

3) Polk Gulch: Right down the street from the Holy Grail, we noticed that Cafe Zitouna is on an extended vacation themselves. The months-old Chowhound favorite—we think they like it especially because it looks and sounds exotic (pretty good food too)—has put up a sign that says they will be closed until October, at which time they will unveil a new and improved menu. [EaterWire]