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EaterWire: Majestic Gets French Laundry Chef, Manzare Announces Sushi Project, Keller Speaks and MORE

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2008_09_majestic.jpgPACIFIC HEIGHTS—Chefless since Ian Begg left this summer, Cafe Majestic has finally found a replacement, and it might be a good one. Via Lady Hopstress: "After a year of working the meat and fish stations at French Laundry, Louis Maldonado, formerly a co-executive chef at Cortez, is returning to San Francisco to be the new executive chef ... His menu launches October 13th, and you'll also be able to order the full menu five days a week at the bar." [TH]

SOMA—In his follow-up effort to Joey & Eddie's, Joseph Manzare has shared details about his sushi-tequila project, which has been some time in the works. It's going to be called Hecho, is across from Yank Sing on Stevenson, and will feature "classic Japanese style" sushi. And tequila. [7x7]

KELLERLAND—Grub Street talks with Thomas Keller about a variety of things, including Bocuse d'Or and if his restaurants are recession-proof: "Right now, we see a lot of guests who are coming from other parts of the world, whether England or France or Germany or Japan or Australia. Many of them pay for meals in Euros. But I understand that their economies are starting to hurt as well." [GS]

THE MISSIONMission Mission brings word of a movie about dive bars in a dive bar tonight. At 10pm this evening at Doc's Clock, Last Call will be shown. It's "a short thriller about life, love and dive bars by filmmaker Kurt Weitzmann." [MM]

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Hecho: Sushi/Tequila/Robata

185 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94104