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EaterWire AM Edition: Jackie Patterson Out at Orson

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Jennifer Yin, 2/29/08

SOMA—The latest twist in the evolving saga of Elizabeth Falkner's Orson is that bar manager and acclaimed mixologist (or whatever title you prefer) Jacqueline Patterson is officially out as of two days ago—and already off the website too. No reason has been given yet, though the move probably won't quell rumors of cost-cutting that have been floating around not only Orson, but most local restaurants of that scope. As for Orson itself, they lost a big name/talent, and with drinks being a big draw there (and we'd propose, a more consistent one than the food), it remains to be seen how this will impact things, if at all. But it might be time for some bigger changes down on Fourth Street. Sidenote: for what it's worth, the dining room was full last night.
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