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EaterWire: Fire at Martin Macks, Heath Ceramics Honored

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THE HAIGHT—A morning fire has knocked out Martin Macks near the corner of Haight and Ashbury: "A small fire in the crawl space of a Haight Street bar believed to be under control later erupted in the walls and the attic, needing 45 firefighters to extinguish it ... 3.5 hours after the single-alarm blaze was initially thought to have been controlled, firefighters were keeping a 'fire watch' at the building." [SFE]

SAUSALITO—Bon Appetit's upcoming issue is its annual awards issue, and though Bay Area restaurants didn't nab any awards, some related locals were recognized. Heath Ceramics won the designer award, the Monterey Bay Aquarium was named the tastemaker of the year for its conservation efforts and Berkeley's adopted son Michael Pollan took home honors for Best Food Writer. [MarketWatch]

[Photo: Curbed]