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The Taco Shop's Menu Looks Awfully Familiar

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Taco Shop on the left; Nick's Crispy Tacos on the right.

The Sunset: Last night, Nick Fasanella opened The Taco Shop in the Irving Street sports/dive bar known as Underdogs. Before we get any further, a little history: Fasanella is no longer affiliated with Nick's Crispy Tacos on Polk Street, and there has been more than a little legal action since the break-up several years ago. For example, when Fasanella began consulting at Tortilla Heights and put an identical taco section on the menu (with tacos "Nick's Way"), Nick's Crispy Tacos brought the matter to court, and the judge sided with them so Tortilla Heights dropped the "Nick's" brand.

Now, Fasanella has opened his new unrelated project, and lo and behold, it has pretty much the exact same menu as Nick's, word-for-word in some places. We're still not entirely sure how these things work, but seeing as how a judge already ruled against Fasanella in a similar situation where he used the phrase "Nick's Way," we don't understand why a little thesaurus use isn't employed, at the very least. And Nick's Crispy Tacos probably isn't thrilled with their case of deja vu right now.
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Nick's Crispy Tacos

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