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Waterworlds Revealed: More Academy Restaurant Details

Golden Gate Park: As each new detail continues to slip out regarding The Moss Room and Academy Cafe—aka the eateries by Loretta Keller and Charles Phan that are going into the Academy of Sciences—we're starting to realize just how high the Olle Lundberg design is aiming. We've already gawked at the living wall involved in the Moss Room that is, well, involved; now comes word of the water environs.

Each of of the two restaurants will have their own big water tanks (and hopefully, they'll be more ... natural-looking than Waterbar's fishy columns). Upstairs at the Academy Cafe, an "extra-long aquarium" will sit on a central table, but as is the case with most of these things, the real show is downstairs in the Moss Room.

From the Chron:

...the lower floor will have a 60-foot-long pool for fish; a moss wall that lines the two-story staircase connecting the two floors will complete the mini ecosystem. And yes, chefs Charles Phan and Loretta Keller will serve fish, but not from either tank.
That's right, it's not just a restaurant, it's a f'ing ecosystem. Oh, and the ecosystem is hiring.
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