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Top Chef Rumormongering: Two Besh Chefs on Season 5?

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A pair of Colorado chefs were rumored to be on board for the upcoming Top Chef season last week, and now we might have another duo to add to our collection of suspected contestants. Keep in mind that it's obviously very unconfirmed and details are fairly scant, but a solid source brings word that the new season of Top Chef will include two chefs from the John Besh restaurant empire in New Orleans.

Besh currently oversees four restaurants in the Big Easy: La Provence, Luke, Besh Steak and his flagship, Restaurant August. Given the city's dining resurgence and Besh's high profile, having some New Orleans chefs in the mix would definitely make sense for Bravo. Sidenote: Bay Area people might recognize the head chef at La Provence, Randy Lewis, the man who earned three stars at Mecca once upon a time. In any event, continue to submit your Top Chef rumors and suspicions; you know the number.
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