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Beer Glass Scams

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2008_09_random.jpgIn Britain, there's a government ordinance about pint glasses and how full they should be served, but here, some bars are in the habit of shenanigans: "A few months ago, the local Bureau of Weights and Measures sampled pint glasses of beer at 16 local bars. One of them was using 14-ounce glasses but advertising them as 'pints.' For every seven 14-ounce beers that that bar sold, it was adding one more full beer of pure profit, increasing their profit on draft beer by 14 percent. Thankfully, the maximum fine for this type of behavior is only $1,000 ... The way many bars get around this is not to advertise the volume of the beer. If a beer is advertised as small or large, any volume can be attributed to it. There's no intentional deception." [MIJ]