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EmbarcaderoWatch: Pier 23 Goes Down, Red's Still MIA

The Embarcadero: Seeing as how we're in the midst of a record-setting heat wave, sunshine-hungry crowds have been descending upon the waterfront dining/drinking destinations (hey, even MarketBar was packed). However, a tipster sends word of a pair of popular spots that are still on winter vacation, so please do plan accordingly. First off, Pier 23 Cafe is down for renovations, and won't be making its return until January 30th.

More nebulous—and slightly more disconcerting—is the scene at Red's Java House: a Christmas note on the door sans return date, no outgoing message of assurance, pad locks, and a pile of backed up mail. The optimist says that Red's annual hiatus is simply running longer than its usual January 2nd return date and a reopening is imminent. Nonetheless, worriers may want to keep an eye on the hiatus—now in its third week—until then. UPDATE 2/4: Red's is back.

Oh, and memo to Americano: it might be time to take down the winter greenhouse; the California snowstorms have concluded.
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