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The Dish: Infusion Lounge, Osha Thai, Church Key, MORE!

It's not all dark and gloomy, see? As always, if you spot a recent opening that we've missed, let us know. Operators are standing by.

1) Downtown: We took a sneak peek at the memorable space at Infusion Lounge back in December in anticipation of its New Year's Eve pre-opening bash, and over this past weekend, the flashy, multi-million dollar lounge made its public debut. The website describes the cuisine as “Culinary Couture," and the interior was designed by Hong Kong's renowned Kinney Chan. Further details on Infusion Lounge experience can be had in the Eater Archives. 124 Ellis Street, at Powell; (415) 421-8700; website [EaterWire]

2) Glen Park: Over in Glen Park, a tipster sends word that another branch of Osha Thai has opened up on Diamond, replacing "Supper [sic] Star Young De." It's directly across the street from the BART station, and has the look we've grown to know and love from Osha: sleek furniture, glass facade, white molded walls, etc. 2922 Diamond Street, between Bosworth & Monterey; website [EaterWire]

3) North Beach: Last week, the various daily newsletters were abuzz with Church Key, aka the revamped Magnet Bar. The schtick at the new bar is beer, and lots of it. Thrillist has the entire list, which is indeed fairly wide-ranging, though still not as big as La Trappe down Columbus. 1402 Grant Avenue, at Green; (415) 963-1713 [EaterWire]

4) East Bay: The CoCo Times shares some details on Mangia Mi, a new Italian eatery in downtown Danville: "'It's European bistro style. We have 14 seats at the counter, you can sit there and watch your food being prepared in the open kitchen, and chat with the chef,' says the [chef/owner Peter Cedolini]. 'It's good for a family or a date.' For those who choose to dine in, he offers about 30 seats indoors and out." 406 Hartz Avenue, Danville; (925) 831-3276; website [CCT]