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EaterWire: Dine About Town Arrives, La Mar Sans Sommelier, Survival Predictions and More!

SAN FRANCISCO—At long last, Dine About Town begins today. We've never been big on the perceived deals surrounding restaurant weeks—especially now, when there are plenty of other specials to be had around the city—but if you happen to have a particularly notable DAT experience (good or bad), do let us know. The full list of participating restaurants is here. [EaterWire]

THE EMBARCADERO—Word on the Bay is that La Mar has made the decision to go on without a sommelier. The reason is unknown, so take it as you will. [EaterWire]

NATIONWIDE—Frank Bruni makes some universal points in predicting how/why some restaurants will survive these trying times: "You show me a restaurant that does consistently bonkers business in good times — or one that’s doing just fine in these bad times — and I’ll show you a restaurant that has been plotted and fashioned with a real understanding of its zip code: of who lives there; who travels there; and what the general aesthetics, spirit and even mythology of the particular neighborhood, block, avenue or even street corner is." [NYT]

MEDIA—Attention chefs: a haute cuisine magazine from Spain is now available in English: "And as of January, [Le Sanctuaire has] also gotten involved in the magazine business, co-publishing the first English language edition of Apicius, the very beautiful, very serious, very expensive ($65), semi-annual Spanish magazine on haute cuisine. The first issue, featuring Heston Blumenthal and Wylie Dufresne as well as the requisite Spanish chefs, was just delivered to Le Sanctuaire last week" [7x7]

CELEBRITY CHEF TMIFun facts about Tony Bourdain: he's deeply disturbed by the idea of food into the bedroom, he imagines sex after dinner at the French Laundry would be "gassy and painful," and he really doesn't want to screw anyone who doesn't eat uni. And, Mario Batali's choice quote: "There's a couple of ways in life that you make someone happy by putting something inside of them. And that's food and that's sex." [SE via ENY]

SAN FRANCISCO—Remember Randy Lewis? Once upon a time, the chef notched three stars at Mecca before parting ways with the Castro joint a year or two ago. Since then, he's had a stint at John Besh's La Provence in New Orleans, until this week, when he cut ties with NOLA and is now "preparing to move back to the San Francisco Bay Area." [T-P]