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Neighborhood Tiffs: Luisa Hanson Gives It Another Go

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Nob Hill: Last we checked in with the ongoing circus on the corner of Larkin and California, both Luisa Hanson takeovers—1500 Pizza & Pasta (since 1959) and Duffy's Irish Pub—had been pretty much been denied liquor licenses, thanks in part to that "large and well-organized opposition." However, over the holidays, new licenses appeared on the two storefronts, with the applicant name being "Torre Del Grego" rather than Luisa Hanson, leading some to wonder if Hanson had cut bait on the properties that once held the Front Room and the Barleycorn.

But just FYI to those concerned with such matters: it's a new application, yes, but Torre Del Grego is merely a corporate name for Ms. Hanson, who is not giving up quite yet. The Barleycorn Survivors have already been in touch with the neighborhood associations and the local supervisor, all which are supposedly opposed to the businesses. In other words, it's time for Round Two.
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