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Chronicle Food Section Changes Announced; Say Goodbye to Wednesdays With Bauer

We've been hearing rumbling of significant changes to the Chronicle's food section for a few weeks now, and they've finally made the public announcement. Those of you who love the ritual of reading the Wednesday morning food section may want to sit down:

On Feb. 1, the Food and Wine sections will combine and move to Sunday in an updated, redesigned format. You'll still find your favorite columns, but some features will move to other sections.
Starting Feb. 5, Thursday Datebook will have a restaurant focus, with a review, update, restaurant trend story and the popular Inside Scoop column. The tasting room reviews, formerly in Wine, will move to Sunday Travel. Bargain Bites and Bar Bites will remain in Thursday's 96 Hours.
Though it's important to note that no reason is given for the changes, we suppose the move to Sunday makes some sense, especially since Sunday editions are traditionally the most profitable for newspapers (and in a doomsday scenario, the most likely component of newspapers to persevere). Say what you will about the Chron food section, but up against its peers, it remained one of the top newspaper food sections in the country—and the awards confirm. We're guessing the new format and move away from the traditional Wednesday time slot will sadden many.
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