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EaterWire: Manrique Out at Urban Tavern, MSF Charity

UNION SQUARE—The rumors are true, and the ill-fated Laurent Manrique/C&L stint at Urban Tavern is doneski: "... the Hilton San Francisco and Aqua chef Laurent Manrique's C&L Partners have officially parted ways over Urban Tavern 'for economic reasons,' according to a statement from the hotel." [Chron]

THE MISSION—It looks like still more changes are en route for Mission Street Food. Not only have they suggested the possibility of multiple MSF nights, but Anthony Myint and his merry band of Missionites are making their project one of charity: "This Thursday, Mission Street Food will begin donating all proceeds to charity. We will begin with Project Open Hand ... Our ultimate goal is to inspire other businesses to employ charity as a viable marketing strategy." [MSFWire]

HAYES VALLEY—You can sleep easily at night now, because Zuni Cafe has finally bought legit stemware, according to Buzzed: "Thanks to wine director Thierry Lovato and co-owner Gilbert Pilgram, those former clunky, thick-rimmed, poorly balanced café glasses that were Zuni’s one major blemish for years have now been replaced by elegant, thin-lipped, all purpose wine glasses." [7x7]

[Photo: Jennifer Yin]

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