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EaterWire: Espetus Back Open, Bardessono Nears, More!

HAYES VALLEY—A small kitchen fire knocked it out of commission for most of the week, but as expected, Espetus Churrascaria is already back up and running tonight. [EaterWire]

YOUNTVILLE—Up in everyone's favorite senior citizens hub/fine dining destination, Bardessono is nearing completion, right down the street from The Laundry. It's a fortnight away and is hoping to debut on February 2nd: "The Bardessono boasts that is the most 'green' hotel in the nation, applying for the highest LEED certification rating of Platinum. The hotel consists of 62 luxury rooms and a restaurant that will seat ninety." [NVWB]

SLOW FOOD NATION—In the wake of his harsh comments about Alice Waters earlier this week, Tony Bourdain chats with Gothamist to clear things up a bit: “I don't have any burning issue with Alice Waters, a restaurateur and visionary whose accomplishments clearly dwarf my own ... My comments were a heartfelt reaction to her wildly hubristic letter to the (then) president-elect, a document whose tone, timing and content I found distasteful—particularly coming from someone who hadn't even bothered to vote in the four previous elections." [Gothamist]

LYON—We checked in with America's reps in the Bocuse d'Or competition last week from Wine Country, and with the big day looming, Timothy Hollingsworth and commis Adina Guest have officially landed in Europe. Andrew Friedman has the enviable task of following them around their French eating/cooking tour. [T-FB]

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