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EaterWire: Restaurants Cut Lunch, Liberty Cafe News

Have a bit of intel fit for EaterWire? Operators are standing by.

2008_12_enricos.jpgSAN FRANCISCO—A piece in this week's Business Times reveals that more and more local restaurants are following in Aqua's footsteps and doing away with lunch service. The full article isn't online yet, but along with Two and Jack Falstaff, the classic Enrico's is named as one of the lunchless pack: "...Enrico's lunch closure is temporary, and management decided it was better to close for a few hours for a couple of months rather than be forced to close for good." [BT]

BERNAL HEIGHTS—Some bad news from the tipline: "This weekend we learned the sad news that the owner of Liberty Cafe, Cathie Guntli, passed away. Her partner of many years has also departed. The staff is holding it together while her estate is settled. Very sad." [EaterWire]

PENINSULA—Down in San Bruno, restaurateurs are up in arms about a forthcoming city measure that would outlaw environment-killing-but-dirt-cheap styrofoam (most other cities share this ban), and more distressingly, would require food vendors to move a lot: "But Miguel Araujo Jr., whose family has owned Araujo’s Restaurant in San Bruno since 1980, said the proposed measure is unfair ... he is also bothered that the legislation follows the council’s tightening of taco truck rules, classifying those who run the mobile eateries as peddlers and requiring them to move every 15 minutes." [SFE]

PADMAVERSE—Get excited, because Padma is branching out into food themed jewelry: "'It's inspired by things like seeds and pods, like cardamom, lentils and cloves.' Yum? The collection, which Padma has very creatively named 'Padma,' will debut at Bergdorf Goodman in May." [CityFile via Eater NY]