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The Shutter: Mecca Suddenly Dark, Employees Locked Out

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The Castro: On Market Street, several tipsters pass along some foreboding news from Mecca, which, once upon a time, found itself on the Deathwatch (before Deathwatch went on hiatus). According to one source, Mecca employees showed up to work on Thursday, only to find the restaurant/club locked up and dark without explanation. However, as some unlucky would-be patrons discovered over the weekend, the website, voicemail and OpenTable system are "working" per normal, without any indication of a closure. But oh, it was shuttered:

From the inbox:

I made a reservation on Friday afternoon for that night at 8:30 on OpenTable and when we showed up it was shut down with chains around the door knobs? No sign, no people, nothing. It was shut down. The website is still running, the phone line is still taking messages, and you can still make reservations online at OpenTable. We ended up having to go 2223 for dinner.
Indeed, a weekend spot check reveals that it's very much shut down sans any explanation, potential return date or outgoing message of any sort. Until we hear more, anyone with further intel is encouraged to pass it along to the tipline.
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