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EaterWire: Print Woes Continue, Keller Superfans in Town, A16's Five Year Anniversary, MORE!

MEDIA WORLD—Things aren't looking so hot for Conde Nast's food publications. From Eat Me Daily: "Ad pages in 2008 were down at Bon Appetit and Gourmet, -16.5%, and -23.4%, respectively. The future of food in print does look bleak, but let's hope that these old warhorses stick around." [EMD via ENY]

SAN FRANCISCO—Remember those ridiculous copycat dinners of the epic Keller/Achatz tour? Well, they're in town this week. So if anyone decides to drop $300 on amateur chefs trying to copy Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz for 21 courses instead of actually going to the French Laundry for the same price, please do let us know how it goes. [YumDiary, previously]

THE MARINA—Something for which you may want to make an advance reservation: on February 15th, A16 will celebrate their five-year anniversary with an homage to the meatball. There will be a special menu in place, and it will include, among other items, two versions of meatball by Nate Appleman: spicy lamb and roasted rabbit meatball. [EaterWire]

NOE VALLEY—The NV Blog sheds some light on the ongoing situation at Tuttimelon's 24th Street outpost. Turns out they need some permits if they want to serve froyo instead of just Belgano chocolates" "Regarding frozen yogurt, the new owners of Belgano are trying to get through permitting to put in the machines. But the city is holding it up. They could use community support." [NVB]

NAPA—Bet you didn't know that Ubuntu's garden is one of the few places in America that grows calcots. On February 9, the restaurant will hold “Calcotada”, which is the annual Catalan feast of the spring onions that are fire roasted and wrapped in newspaper. $12 a plate. [EaterWire]

SIGNS OF THE TIMES, CONT.—We probably don't need to tell you the restaurant in question is in Muskegon Michigan, not the Bay Area: "With customer traffic down a bit at Mr. B's Pancake House lately, lead server Mary VanDam asked co-workers if they might be willing to work a shift without wages to help out owner Dave Barham...The 17 servers, cooks, busboys, dishwashers, cashiers and hostesses who worked the day shift on Jan. 18 received only tips for compensation." [AP]


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