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Eater Tracking: More Tipsy Pig Details Revealed

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The Marina: Since this week was heavy on the bad news, we thought it time to look ahead to some upcoming projects on this sunny Friday, which brings us to the Tipsy Pig. With an ETA slated for February, things are getting close down on Chestnut Street, and more importantly, more details are emerging from the American gastropub concept from Nate Valentine, Sam Josi and Stryker Scales. Menu-wise, there will be most of the expected gastropub features: artisanal beers (eight on tap, 15 by the bottle) and cocktails to a seasonal menu of "American pub classics." The plan is to stay open until 2am, though the kitchen will close earlier than that.

In terms of the layout, they've kept the original ten-seat bar and light fixtures, both which date back to the '30s (see photos of Bistro Yoffi to get an idea of the space). In the room facing the bar, leather booths and wood tables will make up one of two dining areas (the other being a more subdued area that they're calling the library). Nonetheless, the part of the space we're most curious—and dare we say, hopeful—about is the revamped back patio area: ~50 seats, communal picnic tables, beer pitchers available, a garden and trees. Toss in some Niman products, and it'll be like the Marina version of Zeitgeist.
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