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EaterWire: Bartender Benefit Reminder, Fake Foie Gras Stunt, Ame's Umami Sake, MORE!

BROADWAY STRIP—Consider this one more reminder that tonight, and tonight only, is the fundraiser for hospitalized-without-insurance bartender Tony Devencenzi. It's from 6:30 to 11:30 at Enrico's, and Joey Altman and accompanying band will provide the live music starting at 8:30. Bonus: Alcademics has a preview of some of the silent auction items. [EaterWire]

PETA'S WORLD—Those wacky PETA people have a few thousand dollars lying around from all their foie gras hating, so they're holding a silly contest: "A $10,000 prize and much publicity will go to the winning chef in PETA's international Fine Faux Foie Gras Challenge, announced today. The winner must produce an original, purely vegetarian faux foie gras comparable in taste and texture to the real glob of prized bird fat, and it must beat out all other entries." [EaterWire]

SOMA—There's a new drink option at Ame called Hire-zake. Basically, it's an exclusive Japanese drink that steeps fins from fugu (aka the possibly-deadly blowfish) are grilled, and then steeped/served in hot sake. Quoth the press release: "This is sake with a lot of umami." [EaterWire]

BURLINGAMEThis would never happen if you didn't open a restaurant on a boat: "San Mateo County prosecutors are in the process of negotiating the penalties with the owners of The Sherman, a 1920s-era steamship that now hosts an upscale American restaurant. Both sides now acknowledge that a paint not meant to be constantly submerged in water was applied to The Sherman's hull ... the district attorney's office wants the restaurant to pay the $33,783 emergency cleanup bill for the spill and up to $55,000 in fines for violating several state laws." You do hate to see that. [IBA]


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