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EaterWire: Cetrella Closed Too, OPENrestaurant Tonight

HALF MOON BAY—Tomorrow's Scooperino reports that Cetrella isn't technically closed, but the following things have taken place: about 40 people have been let go, chef Blair Warsham has left, and the restaurant will be dark until May 1 (at least that's the optimistic plan). Given that when it got reviewed back in October, only four tables out in the 225-seater were filled, we'll file this under "Non-Shocker." [Chron]

YERBA BUENA—Tonight at 7pm in the YBCA, Jerome Waag and Stacie Pierce of Chez Panisse and Chris Kronner (recently of Serpentine and Slow Club) will host OPENrestaurant with Slow Food Nation. The topic of the discussion is "Imagining Our Future." The discussion is free, and a ticket for the pork rillette and white bean stew dinner is just $20. Ticket info can be had here. [EaterWire]

CHAINS—Speaking of Slow Food items, local sustainable farmer-man Bill Niman has been named Sustainable Agriculture Adviser for Chipotle. According to the burrito chain, Niman will help them "continue to improve the quality of the ingredients [they] use, broaden [their] commitment to sustainable agriculture, and provide another voice to help carry [their] message of making food from sustainable sources available and affordable so everyone can eat better.” [EaterWire]

DOGPATCH—According to Mme. Tablehopper, Stuart Brioza—the talented chef last seen at Rubicon—will be making a guest chef appearance in the near future: "...he will be cooking a special dinner at Piccino “To Celebrate The Light of Winter” on Sunday January 25th at 6pm." [TH]

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