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EaterWire: A16 at Chez Panisse, Ted Allen Defends Ripoff

BERKELEY—To celebrate its new cookbook, the A16 team will descend upon Chez Panisse for a special one-night affair next Wednesday (1/14). Shelley Lingdren will do the wine, and we're guessing Nate Appleman will be playing with that wood-fired oven. Call CP or the cafe for a resy, if there any left. [EaterWire]

TELEVISIONTop Chef returns from its winter break tonight, and ex-judge Ted Allen doesn't think his new Food Network show Chopped is a copycat at all: ""There is no sleep deprivation, no 'Big Brother' house full of bunk beds and cameras, no booze-fueled personal drama...Best of all, there is no product placement." Seeing as how tonight's quickfire is actually called the Diet Dr. Pepper Challenge, he might be on to something. [Ted Allen]

SOLVANG—Located just north of Santa Barbara, Bradley Ogden's upcoming hotel restaurant will be called Root 246: "The restaurant's name is not only a pun on Highway 246, which passes through town, but also a reference to the fresh, organic food the restaurant intends to feature." Also, the hotel is owned by Indians and Ogden (founder of the Yankee Pier chain up here) will reportedly use Root 246 to host "local groups including ... the Vikings of Solvang." Indians, Yankees, Vikings. It's going to be like a sports mascot party. [Lompac Record, previously]

NAPA—Thankfully, Brix has come to its senses and dropped the incredibly-annoying "25°" from its name. The reason, according to The Cork Board: "We asked around and were told by owner Valerie Herzog the 25° Brix name was confusing local customers, so the restaurant has decided to go back to the 'good old name' of Brix." [CB]

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