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Plywood Report: Bruno's Pizzeria/Cucina, Gussie's, Pickles

Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants and bars to grace our fair city. Notice something on your block? Let us know. Bonus points if you include photos.

1) The Fillmore: Almost directly across the street from Yoshi's, Bruno's Pizzeria and Cucina has unveiled a entirely new facade and awnings to match the exterior renderings we shared way back in September. Still no word on any possible ETA, but the place has definitely progressed since fall. [PLYWOOD]

2) Bonus Fillmore: Right around the corner on Eddy, there's action at the former Powell's Place. A tip of the cap goes to Lady Hopstress for this one, who reported earlier this week that the new inhabitant will be called Gussie's Chicken & Waffles. It's going to be headed by a Roscoe's veteran, and is hoped to be open by "mid-March." [TH]

3) Financial District: Since going on hiatus two months ago, things have been moving along very quickly at the corner of Jackson and Columbus, where Pickles has undergone a pretty significant facelift. The entire entryway patio has been covered up, booths (with polka dots!) have been installed, and an entire new set of color patterns and signs are up. It looks almost ready to go. [PLYWOOD]

4) The Mission: Not quite plywood per se, but a sharp-eyed tipster sends along word that there's a FOR SALE sign up in the windows at the shuttered and very short-lived Janitzi at 1199 Valencia, so we suppose that settles any doubts about whether or not the shutter was permanent. [PLYWOOD]