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Surprise! Padma Lakshmi Pregnant By "Medical Miracle"

Following much speculation, 39-year-old Top Chef hostess Padma Lakshmi has announced that she will indeed populate the world with her offspring. And given her struggle with endometriosis, her pregnancy is already being proclaimed a medical miracle, and if that doesn't warm your heart, we don't know what will. Says her rep:

"As a result of her condition, this pregnancy has been referred to by her physician as nothing short of a medical miracle, and due to its delicate nature, we ask/implore the press to respect Ms. Lakshmi's privacy at this time"
Would anyone expect anything less of The Glory That Is Padma? This, of course, explains her heavier appearance at the Emmy's, but the key question now turns to the mysterious father. Is it billionaire old man Ted Forstmann? Her, uh, cousin Manu Nathan? Tommy Colicchio? The Holy Spirit? The questions, they abound. Share your guesses in the comments, please.
· Exclusive: Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi Is Pregnant! [US Weekly]