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Millennium's Eric Tucker Joins Jack London Square Club Too

Following in the footsteps of Rick Hackett, Daniel Patterson/Lauren Kiino, Richard Corbo, Team Bar Bambino and others, Millennium chef Eric Tucker will soon open a new vegetarian concept in Jack London Square. Due in November, it will be called Encuentro, and will be a wine bar/cafe that boasts organic/sustainable wines from small wineries, both local and European.

As for the menu, according to the announcement, it will be "vegetarian cuisine in the style of enotecas and tapas bars ... utilizing seasonal and market driven ingredients." In this case, that means to expect bocadillos, salads, small plates, and the like. Oh, and we should add that for this JLS project, Eric Tucker is teaming up with Lacey Sher (former owner of a veggie restaurant in Jersey) and Linda Braz.
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202 Second St., Oakland, CA