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Win One of Fifty (50!!) Autographed Momofuku Cookbooks

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Photo: a Halloween party with Alice Waters, Bette Midler, Fergus Henderson, Drew Nieporent and yes, Mr. Dave Chang.

The cookbook of the year, "Momofuku," hits shelves in exactly two weeks. And since we know a guy who knows a guy, Eater is giving away 50 copies across all sites all week long. Even better, all 50 are inscribed with totally awesome autographs ranging from doodles of mountains to Larry Bird quotes to "overrated" jokes. Even those San Franciscans who got all pissy about the fig thing will admit that this book is something to behold. Because, as with books like Eric Ripert's "On the Line", it's not just recipes. It's the story of a restaurant phenomenon.

So yes, Dave Chang and author Peter Meehan will instruct those interested on how to make pork buns, fried slow poached eggs, bo ssams, and the like. But they'll also reveal that Chang puked in the bathroom when the DOH came to Noodle Bar for the first time; that he and partner Quino Baca blew the last of their money on strippers the night before the opening; that Ssam's basement was a whorehouse in the early 90's and a speakeasy long before that; that the pork buns probably wouldn't exist without a little place in Manhattan's Chinatown. Allan Benton (bacon man) tells his story, Wylie Dufresne talks meat glue, and the whole Momo team takes a tour of Hudson Valley foie gras farm.

But why readers want this book isn't vital right now. What's vital is how to win. The five best captions for the above photo sent to will win a book. Readers can only win once, and then we'll mail you the Momofuku cookbook amazingness.