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Mina on RN74's Burger, Bar Name Controversy in Oakland

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SOMA—While in New York, Michael Mina tells Grubz that there are no plans to put the epic/secret RN74 burger on the menu and it will stay exclusive. [GS]

UNION SQUARE—Speaking of fancy chefs doing burgers, the Appeal wastes no time in filing the first take on Burger Bar. Hubert Keller still manages to charm everyone in sight, and the myriad toppings and beverage options are only outdone by the perfectly-cooked burger. [SFA]

OAKLAND—The East Bay is up in arms over an incoming bar in Oakland that wants to call itself Geisha. The owners are two Asian-Americans, but the opposed community says that the name "plays upon and reinforces racist and sexist stereotypes about Asian women." Naturally, Yelpers have already reviewed the not-yet-open bar. [CBS]


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301 Mission St., San Francisco, CA