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Ode to SF Wine Programs

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2009_10_nopasmall.jpgNew York Times wine writer Eric Asimov came to San Francisco and found a veritable "treasure-trove" of wine lists that embrace the "iconoclastic" visions of their creators. Asimov then proceeds to namedrop the local wine superstars—Mark Ellenbogen (Slanted Door), Shelley Lindgren (A16), Raj Parr (RN74)—but eventually picks Nopa and Chris Deegan's list as his favorite one in town: "I’m not saying Nopa has the best wine list in the area .. it’s by no means the biggest or the most complete. But in the selection of wines, the fair prices and the spirit it connotes, it’s closest to my heart." [NYT]


560 Divisadero Street, , CA 94117 (415) 864-8643 Visit Website

560 Divisadero St., San Francisco, CA