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Behold Burger Bar, Open Today

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[Photos: Jennifer Yin, 10/16/09]

Before your mind gets completely blown at Burger Bar here, yes, that is a dedicated milkshake bar—which comes with a special milkshake bartender—in the third photo above. And yes, those are individual television screens in the booths. Obviously, much of the spirit of Hubert Keller's original Vegas Burger Bar has made it to the sixth floor of Macy's. Overlooking Union Square with some very pretty views, it takes up a solid 240 seats in total, and in addition to the massive burger menu, there's an extensive beer list, wine selection and cocktails options too. She opens today at 10:30AM sharp and like all weekends, will stay open until 2AM.
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Burger Bar

170 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, CA‎