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Eater Jobs Marketplace: Your Listing Here

Hot on the heels of today's redesign and launch, we're happy to introduce Eater Jobs Marketplace. Our hope is that this simple, straightforward listings platform will help connect restaurateurs and bar owners with talented job candidates from our growing audience of over 300,000 dining-and-nightlife-obsessed readers. As with Eater National, Eater Jobs welcomes all comers?from New York, LA, SF, Chicago, Las Vegas, and all points in between.

Listing a job is easy (just 2 steps!) and inexpensive ($25 for 30 days!). But to sweeten the pot, we're offering a launch-day special. Here's the deal: send a tweet today to @eaterjobs saying you'd like to post a listing and we'll hook you up with a freebie.

Thanks for playing, and, as always, drop us a line with feedback, suggestions, and notes from the front.
· Job Listings [Eater Jobs Marketplace]