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Bourdain on SF's Chang Ban: "Absolutely Shameful"

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Yesterday, it came out that David Chang was nixed from an appearance at the Asia Society after some chefs got their panties in a wad about Chang's fig joke. Well, Anthony Bourdain now shares his opinion on the situation, his buddy Chang, and the Asia Society's "gutless" director, Robert Bullock. Bourdain's entire, spot-on take can—and should—be read in full at Eater National, but here's a snippet:

It's absolutely shameful that a cultural institution--in a city once famous for its championing of free speech and dissent--would refuse association with what is inarguably an important book over a few ill formed and ill considered hurt feelings. Mr. Bullock suggests that he was concerned that to have continued to host Mr. Chang would have "jeopardized Asia Society's relationship with local chefs." Which is exactly when anyone with principles or a spine would stand firm. Instead, he's made himself and all those who sail within him look ridiculous, reinforcing (unfairly) the worst stereotypes about a great city...
Read the entire piece at Eater National: "Humorless, sanctimonious, gutless and chickenhearted, Mr. Bullock should be taken to task..." >>