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The Time That Douglas Keane "Foiled" a Nut Robbery

Forgive us if this is a few weeks old, but to honor yesterday's renewal of his two prestigious Michelin stars at Cyrus, we just had to share chef Douglas Keane tale of heroism/brush with death. Earlier this month, Keane pulled up to a Healdsburg convenience store as a thief was running out. The rest, as they say, is history:

...the fleeing man had tried to leave the market with 16 ounces of mixed nuts and slugged the female employee ... [Keane] joined the chase in his car, then saw the suspect pick up a pointy 16-foot pole ... Keane was ready to bump suspect John Bierholm with his car when another man, James Fay, rushed Bierholm from behind.
Douglas Keane: keeping the streets of Wine Country safe from lady-punching, pointy-pole-wielding nut thieves.
· Cyrus chef helps foil store theft [PressDem]