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NY's Empire Builder Huynh Obviously Coming to Oakland Too

All kinds of local chefs from Daniel Patterson to Richard Corbo have hopped on the Oakland bandwagon, so it should come as zero surprise that New York's latest serial restaurateur, Michael Bao Huynh, is opening an Oakland project too. For those unaware, Huynh has about 90 projects currently in the works in what's pretty much an overnight empire. And now he's branching out of the Big Apple.

In addition to a Vietnamese cooking school in Da Nang and a flagship restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, the man will open in Oakland next year, because why wouldn't he. Huynh elaborated a little more on the project to Eater NY during the NYCWFF: "Nothing casual, I want to do something very nice. I want to bring something nice if I go west."
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