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The Momofuku Caption Contest Winners, Revealed

Alrighty, many thanks for all those who played along with monster Momofuku Cookbook Giveaway and our subsequent little caption contest. The response was quite amazing, but alas, there can only be five winners, as much as we enjoyed all the submissions, from the ones that made jokes about figs and wind beneath wings (sometimes together: "You are the plate beneath my fig") to the ones about organic sustainability ("Bette, is that Prather or Niman cow blood?") and especially to the ones that didn't really make sense but were funny nonetheless ("Fergus, I don't want to touch any more offal").

Here are the five best entries:

"Some say love it is a hunger, an endless aching need. I say love it is a hind quarter that is stripped, deboned and left to bleeeeeed."

"Too Many Kooks in the Kitchen"

"Delighted cannibal Alice Waters looks on as Bette Midler unveils her 'Edible Schoolchild' concept."

"Who invited Bette Midler?"

"Ah, these costumes? They just reconfirm the fact that I am never opening a restaurant in San Francisco."

Thanks again to all for playing, and remember, if you didn't win, there's still one more chance on Eater National to snag a MomoBook. For the winners, we'll be in touch shortly.
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