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Marin Restaurateur Charged With 'Outrageous' Fish Crime

In what's being called "one of the more outrageous fish crimes in Bay Area history," a Tomales Bay restaurant owner is being charged with multiple charges of illegal fishing. John Konatich of Tony's Seafood was literally caught red-handed with multiple dead fish at his feet:

Fish and Game seized the illegal catch and a wet gill net that was 400 feet long and 16 feet deep with 5-inch mesh, lead weights on the bottom and floats on top ... the floats allowed the suspect to vacuum 16 feet of water, from surface to bottom, leaving no way for the fish to escape.
Konatich allegedly set up spotlights on the dock behind the restaurant to attract the bass and then net them, which is basically the real-life equivalent of throwing cartoon dynamite in the water to catch. You can't do that, guy.
· Fishing charges against restaurateur [Chron]
[Photo: Yelp]

Tony's Seafood

18863 Shoreline Hwy, Marshall, CA‎

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